In addition to our tireless struggle to learn more about the situation of pain in our social environment, at the Pain Observatory we are aware of the importance of the work of disseminating the results obtained in the studies we carry out. 

For this reason, for some time we have been betting on the use of new media and forms of dissemination in order to bring health information closer to the general public, but always with rigor and professionalism. Pain is something that affects us all and for this reason, we work every day to make our information more accessible. 

In our studies, we work with data that can be somewhat complex for those who are not familiar with the world of health. For this reason, we take advantage of the advantages that digital tools offer us to facilitate understanding, encourage interest in this problem and reach more people. 

The realization of infographics and the use of Twitter have become our great allies to carry out this task, allowing us to democratize information and make it more attractive both for professionals in the scientific and health field and for any user.o para cualquier usuario. 




The team of the Observatory of Pain takes the design of posters very seriously since we are aware that it is one of the most effective ways to spread the information from our studies and to attract attention to our work.

Here, there is a compilation of the posters presented at the different congresses and conferences in which the Observatory of Pain has participated. These posters condensed the information and data of our reports in a concise and visual way. So, with a simple glance, anyone can know the most relevant and significant aspects of the different studies.

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