Diario Médico gives us a voice with the publication of our last study about opioids

The prestigious news website Diario Médico has published our latest study about opioids, a work of field carried out with many details and during several months in which we tried to clarify some questions that the Spanish population have when they hear about opioids as an effective way to deal with chronic pain.

We found it interesting to know if we are following the line followed in other countries, where the inadequate consumption of these medicines is becoming a sanitary and social worry”, our director Inmaculada Failde and Helena de Sola, researcher of the article, explained to Diario Médico.

After almost 1300 interviews, our team got some relevant conclusions that have been of great interest for this specialized digital media. Our colleague Helena de Sola explained to the redactors: “One of the most relevant results is that the population didn’t know what opioids were when we asked about them”. However, when we asked specifically about any opioids, 64,9% identified morphine as one of them, followed by tramadol (14,2%) and oxycodone (11,3 %). Other medicines such as fentanyl (6%), buprenorphine (5,7%), or tapentadol (5,5%) were less well known.

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