The PainReApp project is progressing at a good pace

The PainReApp project, in which the Observatory of Pain is immersed, is still underway and at a good pace despite the circumstances. Since we started in December, participants have been joining the project to add a total of 19 patients, of which 8 are already in the middle of the treatment.

Despite the restrictions and the alarming situation due to COVID that has been experienced in the province of Cadiz, the follow-up visits to check the evolution and collect the data of the patients have been carried out with total security and following the COVID protocol in a space provided by the Puerta del Mar University Hospital in Cádiz.

During these visits, our two colleagues Marta Moreno and María Rebollo have verified the health status of the patients, their evolution and the adherence to the therapeutic exercise program, at the same time they gave new guidelines to continue the program.

Over the next months, data collection will continue and new patients will joined the project, increasing the sample size and, consequently, the representativeness of the population with chronic pain.

Although the PainReApp project is still in its first phase, the reception of the program is being good and patients are actively participating thanks to the referral of cases from the Rehabilitation Unit of the hospital.

There are still months of work and from the Observatory of Pain we can say that we are satisfied with the direction the project is taking and excited to continue.

What is PainReApp? 

In a moment when telemedicine is gaining special relevance, PainReApp was born as an alternative to physical exercise therapy for people who suffer from pain. Patients just need a mobile phone with Internet and Android operating system to download the app that will allow them to follow the exercises prescribed by healthcare professionals when and where they deem appropriate. 

For more information about the project you can read the news of its launch in which we explain it in more detail, by clicking here.

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