Dr. Inmaculada Failde joins the Board of the Woman and Pain association

Inmaculada Failde, professor at the University of Cádiz and director of the Observatory of Pain, has create with other professionals from several fields of knowledge, the Woman and Pain project, a recently created association dedicated to pain in women.

Woman and Pain is an independent and multidisciplinary association created with the aim of promoting social awareness for the study of pain in women in areas related to disease, violence and society. At the same time, it also has the objective to promote the participation of institutions and professionals for the care and treatment of chronic pain in the most affected people, women.

The board, made up of professionals from the health, legal, journalistic and humanistic fields, wants to address pain from a gender perspective through the promotion of prevention, early diagnosis, study and treatment of pain in women; the research about pain with a gender perspective; the collaboration with organizations for the efficient care of women with pain and the dissemination among professionals of the health field and other fields of knowledge.

Chronic pain in women

Two out of every three people with chronic pain are women. This reality makes it necessary to create associations, organizations and groups such as Women and Pain that are dedicated to raising awareness and studying the role that pain plays in women. 

For this reason, from the Observatory of Pain, we want to show our support to this initiative and we hope that the objectives of  Woman and Pain come true. 

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