Chronic low back pain, physical activity and associated factors

The Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine has recently published the article “Physical activity levels in adults with chronic low back pain: A national survey in the general Spanish population”, a study carried out by the Pain Observatory group that analyzes the levels of physical activity (PA) of the Spanish adult population with chronic low back pain (CLBP) and the associated factors.

This is the first thesis article by our colleague Marta Moreno Ligero whose objective is to know the PA levels of the Spanish adult population that suffers MCI, as well as the factors associated with these levels. For this purpose, data from the 2017 Spanish National Health Survey have been used.

The results show that 30% of the sample with MCI were in the low PA group, 53% in the moderate group and 17% in the high group. Women predominated in the low and moderate groups, and subjects in the high group were younger. Likewise, subjects in the low PA group reported greater pain intensity and analgesic consumption, more functional limitations and worse self-perceived quality of life and mental health.

As for associated factors, the following were more likely to be associated with high levels of PA: being male, normal body mass index or overweight, better self-perceived health status, less pain, fewer physical and cognitive limitations, and more social support.

Therefore, understanding the factors that influence PA levels and the different biopsychosocial aspects associated with them in subjects with MCI that should be taken into account to establish multimodal public health strategies for this health condition.

You can read the full article by clicking on the following link:

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